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Since 2014, Velaz Auto Repair has provided honest mechanics and auto repair to the Inland Empire. Call today for auto repair as loyal to community as you.

Engine Repair and Replacement

Your car’s engine can perform many complex tasks. If you’ve noticed a check engine light, it could indicate anything from a simple tripped sensor to a more serious crankcase issue….

Cooling System Service and Repair

Your car’s engine relies on lots of small explosions of fuel to move the pistons and make the car go. Without a cooling system, the heat from these explosion would damage the engine. The cooling system delivers coolant to the engine so this heat can be carried away and cooled elsewhere….

Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best and least expensive way to keep your car running properly. Along with ensuring that fluids and parts are in functional, up-to-date condition, preventive maintenance can catch automotive problems before they become more major repairs…

Transmission Service and Repair

When your car shifts gears, metal grinds against metal. To ease friction during this process, thick oil (transmission fluid) coats the metal. This allows the car to shift gears without slipping or causing damage….

Suspension Service and Repair

In order for your car to drive smoothly, the steering system and shocks work together to evenly distribute your car’s weight. Along with providing a smooth ride, proper alignment helps with fuel economy and driving safety…


Some of your car’s parts will wear out more quickly than others. A tune-up prolongs the life of your vehicle by replacing those parts, and often improves gas mileage and engine performance….

Brake System Service

When you hit the brakes, your car should slow down and stop. Brakes are vital to safe driving, and over time, pads and rotors wear out….

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

The Inland Empire gets hot during summer! Your A/C system keeps you cool during the hot months, and warms your cabin during winter…
Velaz Auto advantages

What you get with each of our services

Our team of mechanics share decades of knowledge and experience, which allows us to offer the best service available. Our customers rave about their experiences with us, and that’s simply because we really do care more than many are used to. Whatever the problem, we’ll come up with the best solution to fit your situation, and all work is backed up by a written guarantee. Come find out what keeps our customers coming back!

Our Qualifications
All our mechanics are ASE Certified, and able to offer service on just about anything—any make, any model, any year. We’ve been doing this a while, and we’re confident that whatever the issue with your vehicle, we’ll be able to come up with a solution that works best for you.
Our Capabilities
Our motivation
Pick-up service available. Please call us (909)275-3624

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